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Bed Bases


The Platform divan is possibly the most popular and practical way to support your mattress. Most divan bases are bought together with a mattress as a divan set. The divan base consists of a soft wood skeleton frame crowned with a firm soft wood and board platform. The frame is upholstered in the traditional way.

Due to the design of the framed unit, multiple drawer options are an easy accessory, offering large amounts of extra storage space, most customers opt for a two or four drawer base.

Apart from the single (and smaller) divan bases, all other sizes are built in two halves, this provides a much stronger, supportive base that offers an even distribution of weight support for the mattress. The vast majority of the divan base halves, divide from side to side. A number of divans bases divide from the headboard to the foot end, this is a more common feature with the larger sized, zip-linked mattress beds, where it is possible for the mattress and divan base to divide to create two beds.

Sprung Edge

The divan base is manufactured with a layer of 3½ inch Supercoil springs attached to the top surface of the frame covered with a spring insulator then finished in a variety of fabrics. The mattress rests on the sprung top surface, giving the whole bed that softer and springier feel as well as prolonging the life of your mattress.

Firm Edge Bases

The traditional firm edge base includes a high quality spring systems contained within a surrounding timber frame, as the name suggests, this gives the base a firmer feel than a sprung edge but is softer than a standard divan. Firm edge bases are usually fitted with a choice of castors, glides, plastic or wooden legs.